Comprehensive and customized solutions to ensure clients satisfaction and optimal recovery.

Complaint-Free Collecting Compliance

At ResDebt, your former residents are not debtors, they are people, and deserve to be treated as such. We mandate courteous and professional communication.

Consumer Payment Options

We make payments as easy and convenient as possible, offering a variety of online and phone based options.

  • Credit Card
  • Check by Phone
  • Post-Dated Checks

Our Agents

Our highly trained professionals, each receive extensive training in negotiation, psychology, and human interaction. We treat your former residents with respect, kindness, and understanding. We help people recover from a situation that can impact their future.

Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution agents can help to mitigate exposure to legal disputes, landlord tenant issues, and protect your image reputation.

Legal Department

ResDebt’s skilled legal team will support you with a variety of services, from reviewing documents, lease verbiage recommendations based on legislation results, and when no other option exists, we will litigate viable accounts nationwide.

Skip Tracing

Dedicated agents assigned to accounts that have no identifiable contact information. Most agencies relegate these accounts to virtual filing cabinets for “review” or misleading status codes with the hope that the former resident contacts their office. At ResDebt, we actively work all accounts even when contact numbers are non-existent.

Interfacing Database Technology

We leverage technology by continuously investing in the latest technologies to further support growth in efficiency. Utilizing legally authorized automation and compliance procedures, we provide our agents the ability to concentrate on resolving your accounts. We are able to safeguard your confidential, propriety, personal, regulated, and other protected company information against unauthorized disclosure and mitigate exposure to our clients.

Credit Reporting and Analysis

Credit score and underlying history is a vital part of financial life. A credit score follows a person forever and it will play a huge role in many major financial situations throughout their life. Many people think that a credit score only really matters when it comes to being approved for a loan or credit card, but it goes far beyond that. Once reported with negative accounts, it affects their ability to receive future loans. It could also result in a higher rate of interest on mortgages, car loans, and credit cards. It can even effect employment. That is why at ResDebt, we not only ensure accurate credit reporting, but we are also able determine their ability to pay.